EXPLORING THE WORLD: Los Angeles, California

Hello! I hope you’re doing well so far. I decided to explore LA and make a video for my YouTube Channel. Take a look at my trip.

Milk Ice Cream

First off, I want to mention that their Ice Cream is really good! They have super unique flavors and I loved it. I got Peanut Butter Brownie, so I highly recommend you try them. However, they are a bit more on the pricier side. To give you an idea, when I was there a single scoop was $4.

Here’s what the front of their building looks like.

Universal City walk

Next, I went to Universal City walk as it had just opened recently. As soon as you enter, you have to get your temperature taken and they were very strict about social distancing as well. There were markers all over the ground and security guards constantly reminded people to make sure masks covered your nose and mouth. I was very impressed and will visit again.

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